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Our team maintains subtle accessibility and working relationship guaranteeing our Clients full-time attention whenever they need our help. All the team members are highly trained and experienced, with past exposure in the corporate world as distinguished professionals. As a provider of total facilities management services, Establishment Ta'ir al- “Anqa” for Trading (ETAT) is continually pursuing the latest technology and innovation to bring lower cost and improve service quality for our clients and their customers.
Our services are designed to save you the time, hassle, and headache associated with operating your property smoothly. Our effective project execution encompasses all aspects of facilities management. ETAT has the talent and capacity to cover energy management, facility maintenance, and safety training. We put the goals of your property and our community first.

Why Choose Us?


Communities make significant investments of funds and resources to create the perfect learning environment. ETAT helps protect those investments by performing regular, preventative, and predictive maintenance. Caring for your assets in this way helps prevent them from breaking down and causing expensive emergency repairs, while simultaneously prolonging their useful lifespan. Emergency repairs tend to cost more money and take the equipment out of commission for long periods. The cost of repairs combined with the revenue lost during the downtime can cause your business to take a significant financial hit, one from which it may be difficult to recover. A strategic approach in facility maintenance helps to minimize the downtime, saving you money in the long run.

Health and Safety

Establishment Ta'ir Al-“Anqa” For Trading is well aware improving its employees' health and safety at work benefits both company performance and employee well-being. The company has adopted Prevention, Health and Safety as a major ongoing goal. The aim is to strengthen the initiative, support the efforts already underway and involve all employees at every level of the organization as well as outside stakeholders, in order to ensure their physical safety and mental well-being. More than just a strategy health and safety are an integral part of all the company's fundamental activities and processes.

Increased Productivity

A well maintained and organized facility fosters a happier and more efficient work environment. ETAT implements heightened organizational standards, paired with career development plans for our team members. This establishes a culture that inspires longevity, satisfaction, and growth in their perspective fields.

Professional Image

A community serving facility relies heavily on displaying a professional image. ETAT provides the tools you need to make a positive impression on the community by ensuring your property stands out from the rest.

Our Vision

Proper maintenance ensures reliability and good availability throughout the plant traceability through reporting in the maintenance system provides certainty about weaknesses and shortcomings Through the insight of all employees of the importance of maintenance for avalibility we will achieve cost-effective maintenance for all production equipment This is enabled by all the employees commitment and respect for procedures and instructions.

Our Safety Policy

Establishment Ta'ir al- “Anqa” for Trading (ETAT) will always provide a safe, healthy work environment. Management is accountable for preventing workplace incidents, injuries and illness. Management will give top-level support for safety program activities. Management will also keep informed about workplace safety and health hazards, and it will regularly review the company safety and health program.

Our Team

Our team maintains a subtle accessibility and working relationship which guarantee our Clients full-time attention whenever they need our help. All the team members are extremely trained and experienced with past exposure in the corporate world as distinguished professionals.


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Our Team

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